Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Muslims in Russia on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr in a message, praising their adherence to their historical, cultural, and religious traditions, and their contribution to the development of society.

Putin said in the message, which was published on the Kremlin’s website on Wednesday: “For centuries, Eid al-Fitr has embodied for Muslims the joy of renewal and the aspiration for moral perfection, purity of thoughts, and actions.”

He added: “Muslims in Russia carefully preserve the rich historical, cultural, and religious traditions of their ancestors, follow their fathers’ teachings, celebrate this holiday in their communities and with their families, and provide assistance to those in need.”

The Russian president affirmed that Islamic organizations “creatively participate in the life of the country, implement important national, educational, and charitable initiatives, cooperate fruitfully with government and public institutions, prioritize the education of the younger generation, support participants and veterans of the military operation and their families, and make a significant contribution to strengthening the unity of our people and maintaining harmony among races.”

In conclusion of his message, Putin wished Muslims in Russia good health, success, and all the best.

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