Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The cost of purchasing a basic food basket in Libya rose 3% in February, according to data from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

The data showed that prices generally rose in various cities of Libya, especially in the south, as a result of being affected by the exchange rate of the dinar and weak purchasing power.

The program warned of the impact of the dinar’s depreciation on the ability of citizens to secure their food needs at reasonable prices.

The data indicated that the food basket includes 18 items, and that the rise in prices in February was the result of increases in the prices of eggs, tomatoes, beans, and couscous.

The cost of the food basket in the south is 866 dinars, recording an increase of 9% compared to other regions, while in the eastern region it reached 804 dinars, and in the western region 740 dinars.

According to the program, Libyan households’ spending to cover food needs increased by 14%, in addition to the shortage of cooking oil in some municipalities such as Sirte and Ajdabiya.

The city of Derna, which is suffering from the repercussions of Storm “Daniel”, witnessed a sharp rise in the price of the food basket, reaching 799 dinars compared to 464 dinars last August before the storm.


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