Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Administrative Control Authority announced on Friday the recovery of a Libyan artifact from France dating back to the fourth century AD, stolen after the 2011 unrest.

Abdullah Qadirboh, head of the commission, confirmed that the piece was recovered from the Louvre Museum in Paris through Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, bearing the number (413) and was stolen from the city of “Shahat” and placed in the Louvre Museum in 2016.

The delivery of the piece was attended by the head of the Tourism Police and the Protection of Antiquities, Major General Al-Senussi Saleh Al-Senussi, the director of the Public Relations Department and the director of the Investigation and Evidence Gathering Department of the Authority.

The artifact was secured while transporting it from Mitiga airport to the Department of Antiquities at the Red Serail Museum by the Tourist Police and Antiquities Protection Service, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Security Operations and the Tripoli Security Directorate.

Earlier, the Libyan embassy in Paris reported that the artifact belonged to the trunk of a marble funerary statue dating back to the Hellenistic period (Baltic) and measuring 56 cm high.

French President Paul Soler’s special envoy played a role in facilitating her arrival after receiving the Libyan delegation at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

It is noteworthy that the search for Libya’s looted antiquities continues and that an artifact was recovered from Austria in 2021, which disappeared during World War II.


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