Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Libya ranked sixth on the African continent and forty-eighth on the global level in fuel consumption, according to a report published by the “Business Insider Africa” website.

The report shows that Libya faces challenges in providing fuel on an ongoing basis, especially at stations located in the south and border areas, despite the large quantities it produces daily.

This consumption comes in light of Libya’s daily production of about 1.5 million barrels of oil, while the average daily consumption is about 262 barrels.

In the African context, Egypt tops the list with a consumption rate of 802 thousand barrels per day, followed by South Africa with 660 thousand barrels, then Algeria with 428 thousand barrels, Nigeria with 316 thousand barrels, and Morocco with 286 thousand barrels.

Some Libyan cities suffer from a severe shortage of fuel, for reasons related to the difficulty of transporting it via unsafe roads, or smuggling it out of the country, in addition to the cessation of oil production from time to time, which led to an exaggerated rise in its prices on the “black market.”

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