Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The head of the Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons in Libya, Kamal Abu Bakr Al-Siwi, revealed that specialized teams have found approximately 5,000 bodies and body parts in the city of Derna so far.

Al-Siwi added that the final number of missing people may reach about 4,000 people, noting that there are some people who have not yet filed reports as a result of their displacement to other areas.

Al-Siwi explained that operations are continuing in Derna, where human remains are found from time to time, and identification, analysis and matching operations are taking place without stopping, explaining that the bodies that were identified and buried in the early stages have been fully documented.

He pointed out that the authority’s role is limited to the technical side, and its tasks include exploring potential graves, exhuming bodies, issuing forensic reports, and collecting samples from victims’ families to match the bodies using the latest technologies, whether in cases of natural disasters or suspected crimes.

International humanitarian bodies estimate the number of missing persons as a result of the war in Libya at 22,000, and this number refers to people who went missing during the conflicts and unrest that the country has witnessed since the unrest in Libya until now.

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