Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The total number of registered voters in the 60 Libyan municipal council elections targeted by the electoral process as of Friday reached 19,587 voters.

The Libyan High National Elections Commission said that among these voters, 17,773 were men and 3,814 were women.

The Commission explained that voter registration for municipal council elections is a new process and independent of registration for general elections.

The Commission indicated that everyone whose name is included in the register of municipal council voters will be automatically included in the register of voters for the general elections, while those registered in the general elections are not considered registered in the municipal council elections.

Registration in elections is an essential step to ensure effective participation in the democratic process and reflects citizens’ interest in contributing to determining the future of their local communities by choosing their representatives in municipal councils.

This electoral process comes in light of the economic and political challenges facing the country, but it also holds opportunities to enhance stability and local governance.

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