Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Dark Entry security team announced the leak of the data of nearly 85 million Egyptian citizens, after publishing information through a platform specialized in trading electronic intrusion data.

The team indicated that the data includes a vital set of personal information such as full names, family, and mother names, as well as national identity card numbers and mobile phone numbers.

He also pointed out that the selling price of the displayed data did not exceed 3,000 US dollars, which led to a reduction in its value, despite its great importance.

The security team explained that the leaker used advanced techniques to collect data from sites belonging to the health insurance sector and the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.

The security team also confirmed the accuracy and validity of the leaked information through a verification test, as they provided an identity number for one of the deceased persons and the leaked information matched reality, which prompted them to inform the authorities to take the necessary measures.

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