Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Two Egyptian defendants living in Italy face life in prison after gruesome murder of their Egyptian colleague and dumped his body in a drain

Ahmed Jamal Kamel Abdel Wahab, 26, and Mohamed Ali Abdel Ghani, 27, were accused of killing their colleague Mahmoud Sayed Mohamed Abdullah, 18, over work disputes.

Abdullah’s body was found in July last year, headless and hands, recovered from the sea between Chiavari and Santa Margherita in Genoa, according to reports from Cairo24.

Investigations indicate that the defendants bought a machete and a large bag to transport the body to the crime scene, where they abused the body so that it could not be identified, and then threw it into the sea.

Mohamed Ali Abdel Ghani, one of the defendants, explained that Ahmed Gamal Kamel Abdel Wahab stabbed Mahmoud Sayed several times, and that he tried to intervene to prevent him, but Abdel Wahab threatened him and his family with death if he disclosed the matter, and forced him to help transport the body to another barber shop in Chiavari, where the head and hands were separated from the body before disposing of it at sea.

The trial is scheduled to begin on May 30, when the two defendants will face charges of murder and mutilation of the body.

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