Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen has expressed his displeasure with some refereeing decisions that affected the outcome of the match against arch-rivals Real Madrid.

The thirty-first Clásico match of the Spanish league football ended with Real Madrid beating Barcelona 3-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, in a match that saw many controversial shots.

Commenting on a controversial shot, where a corner kick for Barcelona caused an attempt to score a goal, Ter Stegen pointed out that goal-line technology (VAR) was not used to verify that the ball crossed the goal line after his player’s touch, expressing his displeasure at the lack of technology used in other leagues.

Ter Stegen also commented on Real Madrid’s penalty, which resulted in a goal in their favor, noting their player Vázquez’s intelligence in the search for this kick.

In conclusion, Ter Stegen lamented that his team could not win, stressing that everything was tilted in their favor, but they could not win in the end.

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