Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

US State Department spokesman Samuel Warburg announced intensive talks regarding the Rafah border crossing, which was closed 40 days ago as a result of Israeli forces controlling it from the Palestinian side.

During his statements to Sky News Arabia, Warburg confirmed that the United States is actively working with Egypt and Israel, with the aim of facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.

On the other hand, Egyptian diplomatic sources confirmed that Israeli forces must withdraw from the crossing before transferring its management to the Palestinian side, in a move aimed at facilitating the entry of aid.

In a related context, Warburg pointed to the ongoing efforts to ensure that the crossing is managed in a way that prevents its use by Hamas or any parties not concerned with humanitarian aid, with an emphasis on providing adequate security to operate the crossing safely.

On the other hand, the American newspaper “The Washington Post” pointed out the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions in Gaza after the closure of the crossing, which negatively affects the residents of the region and increases pressure on them in light of the current military escalation.

At the same time, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation quoted security sources as expecting the end of military operations in the region within two weeks, while maintaining Israeli control over the border axes.

On May 7, Israeli forces raised the Israeli flag on the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing, after Israeli tanks stormed the crossing facilities located south of Gaza.

The Egyptian authorities refused to reopen its borders with Gaza after the Israeli forces took control of the Palestinian side of it. An Egyptian official said: “As long as the Israeli forces remain at the Rafah crossing, Egypt will not send a single truck to Rafah.”

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