Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Press reports revealed that four ships operating between Suakin port in the Red Sea state, eastern Sudan, and Jeddah port in Saudi Arabia, transporting passengers, and bearing the names “Oman, Aziz, Sinai, and Amana.”

The sailing hours of the ships vary, with the journey on the “Sina, Oman, Aziz” ships taking 12 hours and being classified as small maritime transport.

As for the ship “Amana,” which covers the distance between Suakin and Jeddah in 18 hours, it is distinguished by its large size and provides rooms. The room can be booked after boarding the ship at an estimated price of 100 Saudi Riyals.

With the growing travel movement between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, options, aside from air travel from Port Sudan Airport, include ships. Despite recent increases in ticket prices, they remain a preferred means of transportation for those seeking to travel with lower financial costs.

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