Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Libyan leadership in the east of the country is seeking to develop a new peaceful strategy for development at the international level and is turning to the tourism industry, as well as humanitarian exchange with the Russian Federation.

The visit of the Russian delegation, consisting of a group of famous journalists and bloggers, comes at the initiative and invitation of the eastern Libyan government, which is working intensively to develop the country after suffering from infighting and political blockage, and seeks with all its energies to become part of the global tourism movement through its repeated invitations to foreign bloggers to visit the country to see the reality of life in it.

According to the correspondent of the private network “North Africa News” in Benghazi, the visit of a delegation of famous journalists and bloggers working for various television and radio channels of high economic value in different Russian regions lasted for a few days.

Based on the bloggers’ own reports, it is clear that, in addition to their tours of Benghazi, they toured the ancient cities of Cyrene and Apollonia, visiting tourist places and historical monuments that no foreign tourist has visited with a camera since 2011, according to their description.

For several days, Russian journalists enjoyed oriental hospitality and pleasant communication with the locals and visited the various shops, which left a good impression on their hearts, especially seeing, inspecting, and documenting the new infrastructure facilities that were recently rebuilt.

Some footage documented by Russian journalists:

For example, the new university, Libya’s oldest educational institution, has become remarkable for its design, automation, and modern teaching techniques, with more than 70,000 students now home.

The bridge built by a young Libyan engineer.

The modern stadium, which is supposed to be ready to receive fans by the end of this year.

Picturesque natural manifestations.

Modern shops.

We are sharing photos taken by a Russian blogger, who allowed our correspondent to post on North Africa News network platforms.

The visit allowed Russian guests to get a closer look at Libyan culture, learn about local food, visit local markets, and enjoy the picturesque views of the Sea and Mountain.

This unexpected visit showed that Libyans have overcome the consequences of long years of war against terrorists, as Russian bloggers saw residential areas destroyed by war and weather, and new residential buildings and children’s playgrounds being built at the sites of previous battles.

Just three years after the end of hostilities in eastern Libya, the government there took the bold step of inviting Russian bloggers and journalists to see for themselves the extent of the development, and to convey to their country the true image of the new Libya, which enjoys peace and security and is fully prepared to attract tourists.


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