Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Egyptian city of Aswan witnessed a tragic accident, where a Sudanese family consisting of 4 members, a father, a mother, and their two daughters, died in a horrific traffic accident.

The General Secretariat of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan mourned the death of engineer Hala Gilani, an employee of the Garden Engineering Department in the General Administration of Engineering Affairs, and her husband, Walid, and their two daughters, Noha and Nihal, who died following an unfortunate traffic accident.

This painful incident comes hours after the bodies of three other Sudanese were found in the mountainous Wadi Al-Allaqi area in the city of Aswan, located in the far south of Egypt.

In preliminary investigations, it was found that the bodies belonged to two women and a young child, and their identities were announced as Fawzia Hassan Muhammad (68 years old), Saleha Daoud (45 years old), and Mahmoud Muhammad (12 years old).

Sudanese residing in Egypt have repeatedly warned, through their groups on social media, against traveling by land in light of the harsh weather conditions and extremely high temperatures, stressing that the displaced are exposed to the risk of death due to hunger and thirst, especially with the long distance from the areas of displacement to Aswan.

Southern Egypt, including Aswan Governorate, has witnessed an unprecedented rise in temperatures in recent days, as monitoring stations recorded 48 degrees Celsius in Aswan Governorate and 41 degrees Celsius in Cairo.

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