Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The commander-in-chief of Ukrainian forces, Alexander Sersky, reported on Sunday that the security situation on the front has deteriorated significantly, with Russian forces achieving tactical successes in several regions.

In a Facebook post, Sirsky asserted that Russia is launching precision attacks along the frontlines, achieving tactical successes in some areas.

Sersky explained that Russian forces are focusing their efforts on several regions in their attempt to take the strategic initiative and break through the front line, resulting in a significant superiority in terms of forces and capabilities.

Heavy fighting has taken place along the lines of contact over the past week, he said, stressing that the situation on the battlefield is dynamic and volatile.

Sirskiy claimed that Ukrainian forces were able to improve their tactical positions in some areas and noted the intensity of the battles in the Kobyansk region and the Kramatorsk axis.

He also confirmed that Russian forces are launching fierce attacks in the Kramatorsk axis to impose their control over the town of Chasov Yar.

Sirsky explained that the most complicated situation is on the frontlines in the Pokrovsk and Korakhov region, where heavy fighting continues. He acknowledged that Ukrainian troops had withdrawn from the towns of Berdichi, Semyonyivka and Novomikhaylovka.

Ukrainian forces are redeploying brigades that have regained combat capability to replace units that have suffered losses on the battlefield, with the aim of reinforcing their defenses in these sectors, Sersky said.

Ukrainian forces face heavy losses in troops and materiel on the battlefield, in exchange for significant Russian advances and superiority.

This comes in the context of the Russian Armed Forces’ continued implementation of the special military operation to protect since February 24, 2022.

Russian Forces Strengthen Control in Donetsk and Inflict Heavy Losses on Ukrainian Army

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