Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Chaos and panic broke out in the Libyan Football League after a horrific incident occurred during the return of the Al-Khoms Club delegation from their match against the Libyan Stadium in Tripoli.

At least more than 9 players were injured, some of whom were stabbed with knives, and others were beaten, resulting in injuries of varying severity, ranging from moderate to serious.

According to Ahmed Al-Arbad, Executive Director of Al-Khoms Club, the players were brutally attacked by angry fans, and the team bus was also burned in the “Bevi” area in Tajoura.

Al-Arbad explained that the injuries suffered by the players ranged from moderate to serious, while stressing that he had not received any communication from the concerned authorities, such as the Executive Office of the Libyan Football Association.

For his part, Tunisian player Suleiman Kishk, a professional in the ranks of Al-Khoms Club, witnessed the attack, describing the scene as “horrific” and unprecedented in his experience in the world of football.

This shocking incident led to the people of Al-Khoms city closing the coastal road in protest against the attack the team was subjected to.

This incident reflects the deterioration of security in sports stadiums in Libya, which requires urgent intervention from the authorities to ensure the safety of players and fans during upcoming matches.

It is worth noting that Al-Khoms team lost yesterday, Sunday, to the Libyan Stadium by a single goal, in the penultimate round of the Libyan Premier League competitions, so that Al-Khoms’s balance stopped at 17 points, but it still has hope of survival after Al-Bashaer’s loss and Asaria’s draw.

For his part, the Libyan Al-Akhdar announced that he would refrain from playing his match against his rival, Al-Hilal, in the ninth and final round of the second group of the Libyan Premier League.

Al-Akhdar decided not to play the match due to the lack of security inside the Benina Martyrs Stadium, due to the “attacks on some players” that the team delegation was exposed to.

In a video clip posted on the club’s official Facebook page, Al-Akhdar team officials called on security to intervene to remove the team from the stadium and ensure its safe arrival to its city.

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