Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

A video clip circulated on social media showing people said to be leaders of the Wafd Party in Egypt agreeing to sell an antiquities deal inside the party’s Supreme Committee room.

The video shows one of the members talking about the availability of two antique pieces with the seller who wants security in the selling process, and the other responds that he rejects the offer and asks to photograph the pieces from multiple angles and send them to him, writing a secret code and specific dates, before convincing him to go himself to inspect the antiquities. .

For his part, Yasser Al-Hudaybi, head of the parliamentary body of the Wafd Party in the Senate and the party’s official spokesman, confirmed that the people appearing in the video are members of the party, but they are not leaders or members of the general assembly.

He added that an investigation will be held on Tuesday to verify the authenticity of the video and where it was filmed, noting that possible penalties may range from censure to dismissal if it turns out that the video was filmed inside the party headquarters.

Al-Hudaybi also stated that a report had been submitted to the Public Prosecutor to investigate the incident, stressing the importance of verifying the veracity of the accusations. He explained that the two people mentioned in the video had not attended the investigations yet.

In the same context, Abdul-Sanad Yamamah, head of the Wafd Party, issued a statement in which he confirmed that an urgent investigation had been opened into the leaked video, and that the party would take the necessary measures if the authenticity of the video was proven.

Yamama also stressed the integrity of party members and the necessity of confronting attacks on the ancient party, stressing the role of the Central Organization and Legal Affairs Committee in investigating the matter.

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