Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Egypt witnessed a poignant incident represented by the death of saxophonist Mohamed Ali Nasr, who died while saving his neighbor and her two children after their elevator broke down.

The incident occurred in a residential property in Alexandria Governorate when the elevator broke down due to a power outage while the neighbor was ascending with her two children, Maryam (7 years old) and Abdullah (5 years old).

Muhammad Ali Nasr was with them, carrying some vegetables and fruits, and he asked their permission to go up with them.

When the elevator broke down between the ninth and tenth floors, Nasr tried to contact the property guard, Hassan, several times, as well as the security official, but to no avail.

For her part, the mother called her sister Shaima, who lives in the same building, to inform her of the situation, and Nasr also tried to reassure his foreign wife over the phone.

The situation increased in severity as the children cried and became afraid, which prompted Nasr to look for quick solutions. When the property guard arrived, he suggested that they use a wooden chair to take them out of the elevator shaft. Nasr took the initiative to take the children out first, carrying Abdullah and giving him to the guard, then taking Maryam out.

Despite the mother’s insistence on staying in the elevator because her clothes did not fit, Nasr decided to go out to confirm when the electricity would be restored, as he knew that the outage would continue for about another 45 minutes. As he was exiting the elevator shaft, his foot suddenly slipped, and he fell from a height of nine floors.

The neighbor explained that the guard was the first to realize the accident and added that she felt severe shock and shortness of breath and remained trapped inside the elevator for an hour and a half until the civil protection forces, police, and ambulance arrived.

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