Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

A thirteen-year-old teenager has faced charges of violating Florida’s criminal law after he targeted a police helicopter with a laser beam.

Authorities in Pinellas County revealed that the accident, which occurred in the skies on Thursday, was caused by a teenager pointing a green laser at the plane, which was flying in the sky.

The search and follow-up operation led to the seizure of the laser gun hidden in the confused boy’s clothes, where he confessed to doing this act as a result of his sense of boredom and indicated that he did not know “that the plane belonged to the police”.

The boy faces charges of illegal manipulation of laser equipment, and Florida legislation indicates that consciously and intentionally directing laser beams at any operator of a means of transport, whether land, sea, or air, constitutes a third-degree felony.

Bright visible laser light distracts the pilot or causes temporary flash blindness during a critical phase of the flight, such as landing or taking off.

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