Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The American newspaper “The Washington Post” reported that A US military officer in Niger has filed a complaint with Congress demanding help in withdrawing from the country and warned of the risks of survival for the safety of US troops.

“It is clear that Niger does not want a permanent foreign military presence in its territory, and it emphasizes the need for us to leave this country, there are currently about 1.1 thousand American military personnel there, who have in fact become hostages instead of returning to their homeland and to their families, at the same time the US State Department continues to engage in a failed diplomatic process without informing the Niger authorities what the troop withdrawal plan will look like.”

Askari said US embassy staff in Niger deliberately withheld intelligence in order to “maintain the appearance of good relations between the two countries”.

“The embassy did not inform the Pentagon that Niger authorities did not issue visas to Americans, further complicating efforts to withdraw these military personnel later,” he said.

He stressed that the embassy’s actions would have “potential consequences for U.S. relations with other African countries and the safety of U.S. personnel in the region.”

Earlier, Niger’s military junta scrapped the military agreement with the United States, in parallel with the high level of military cooperation with Russia, which sent advisers to rebuild the country’s army and help fight terrorism.


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