Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Anxiety has worsened among farmers in a number of Algerian states, following the spread of a mysterious disease that led to the death of dozens of cows in a short period.

The opinions of experts varied in determining the nature of the disease and its causes, despite the silence of the official authorities, as the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture did not issue any official statement about the situation, and representatives of farmers, veterinarians, and professional associations refuse to comment due to the lack of completion of investigations by the National Authority.

The farmer, Suleiman Azab, from the Buinan region, south of the capital, Algiers, explained that the unknown disease caused the mysterious death of cows during the past days. He pointed out that the disease was transmitted from southern states more than two months ago, which indicates the speed of its spread.

Veterinary Inspector Hoda Samira Jaafari considered infection with contagious lumpy skin disease to be a possible possibility and explained that this disease first appeared in 1923 in South Africa, and later spread to several continents.

The expert revealed that the disease is transmitted through insects and can infect humans, causing symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, decreased milk production, the appearance of painful skin nodules, and in certain cases, miscarriage and diarrhea.

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