Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Algeria announced its intention to support Senegal in the new phase it is experiencing after the election of Bassirou Dyomaye Faye as president, and to form a common front to deepen cooperation relations between the two countries.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday on Facebook that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, affirmed “the commitment of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, personally to the quality of Algerian-Senegalese relations, and is particularly interested in their content and substance.”

“President Tebboune is keen on the need for continuous, regular and permanent political consultation between our two countries, as the challenges they face are the same in all areas common to them,” Etaf said.

In a statement after receiving him in Dakar, Attaf stressed “Algeria’s readiness to stand by Senegal in writing a new page in its centuries-old history”.

He pointed out that this is through “deepening and intensifying cooperation relations according to the deadlines we set, for a better legal framework for our areas of cooperation and to better identify our priority areas of cooperation and make the most of the existing cooperation potential in our two countries.”

“Algeria intends to stand by Senegal at this stage by mobilizing our political consultation resources given the many challenges facing us in this area of common belonging, which is witnessing a rise in risks such as terrorism, international organized crime, human trafficking, economic and social setbacks and recurrent political instability,” Attaf explained.

Algeria vowed to be “on the side of Senegal in a common front whose mission and raison d’être is to accelerate the liberation of our continent, ensure its security and stability, and open up real prospects for it”, according to a statement by the Algerian Foreign Ministry.

“Africa has recently recorded great victories, including the establishment of the free trade area, membership of the Group of Twenty, the international consensus formed to correct historical injustices and enable our continent to obtain better representation in the Security Council, and ongoing African appropriations for peacekeeping missions,” Etaf said.

“These great victories cannot in themselves hide the tragic failures of the five regions of our continent that suffer from insecurity, instability and vulnerability due to a large number of sources of crises, tensions and conflicts,” Etaf concluded.

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