Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Pentagon has announced its intention to temporarily withdraw troops from Chad, a move that comes days after a similar decision was announced on Niger.

The announcement came at a press conference by General Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, who confirmed that the US Africa Command was reassessing the position of its forces in Chad, part of which was already scheduled to leave.

The interim measure is part of a review of security cooperation between the United States and Chad and is expected to resume after the May 6 presidential election.

The chief of staff of the Chadian air force called for the withdrawal of US soldiers, noting that there was no agreement allowing their presence.

Chadian government spokesman Abderrahmane Kalam Allah said the US withdrawal reflected an appreciation of the concerns of the Chadian General Staff, stressing that it did not mean the end of cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

The United States currently deploys about 100 troops to Chad to participate in counter-extremism efforts in the Sahel.

In Niger, the ruling military council announced since July the cancellation of a military cooperation agreement with the United States, leading to discussions on the withdrawal of more than a thousand American troops from the country.


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