Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Egyptian Public Prosecution revealed the details of the horrific crime during which the body of a child was found in a rented apartment, where some of his entrails were extracted and placed next to him.

It later emerged that the crime was part of a series of bloody videos filmed to sell to dedicated websites.

The investigations conducted by the Egyptian Public Prosecution found the perpetrator of the crime, where he confessed to committing it at the request of another Egyptian resident in the State of Kuwait, who had identified him through one of the social networking sites for the trade in human organs, where he was asked to choose a child to steal his human organs in exchange for five million pounds (more than $ 100,000).

He added that he chose his victim and presented it to the other person via the technology of “video call”, to ask him to kill the child in preparation for the theft of his organs, noting that the process of extracting organs was also carried out and the other person is watching via “video call”.

During the investigations, the perpetrator indicated that the person residing in Kuwait had been asked to repeat the order, choosing another child to receive the agreed amount, but he had been arrested before doing so.

The Public Prosecution was able to identify another Egyptian national residing in Kuwait, who used a mobile phone with a SIM card owned by his father.

After communicating with the competent authorities in Kuwait and Interpol, the accused and his father were arrested and deported to Egypt to continue investigations.

An interrogation of the Egyptian citizen residing in Kuwait revealed that he was a boy over 15 years old and confessed that he had asked the person residing in Egypt to commit the crime, kill the child and mutilate his body.

Investigations revealed that the boy kept “videos” of the murder until he “had the opportunity to sell them through websites that broadcast them for large sums of money”.

The boy said that he “had already done this act on previous occasions,” and the Egyptian prosecution is conducting an investigation to verify this by examining the electronic devices of the defendant and his father, who denied his connection to the crime that took place.

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