Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The technical director of the Egyptian Football Association, Alaa Nabil, revealed that the UAE Football Association issued orders to deport 18 Egyptian players, after it was proven that they forged official documents regarding their real ages.

“There has been fraud in the junior sector since ancient times, and last month 18 players were deported from the UAE after their fraud was discovered,” Nabil said during a radio interview.

He added: “The UAE Football Association discovered that there were cases of fraud by 18 Egyptian players, so it immediately deported them out of the country and prevented them from representing any Emirati team in the future.”

The football arena witnessed a similar scandal in 2017 after a number of clubs filed a complaint against other clubs stating the inclusion of players whose ages were falsified, led by Zamalek, Ismaily, Misr Al-Maqasa and ENPPI, which prompted the Players Affairs Committee of the Football Association to issue a decision to suspend the four players until the end of investigations with them.

The use of magnetic resonance imaging technology has become the best solution to detect cases of fraud in the age of players, which are usually resorted to by some African clubs and teams.

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