Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The number of attacks against US bases in Syria and Iraq has risen to 100 since Oct. 17, in response to Israel’s assault on Gaza.

The correspondent of the American channel “Fox News” said that the number of attacks received by US forces in Syria and Iraq reached 100 since October 17, after the last targeting of the fields of Omar and Coneco in northeastern Syria, last Saturday afternoon.

Militants in Iraq had earlier announced the implementation of 11 operations against US bases in one day in Iraq and Syria, using dozens of missiles and drones.

The Pentagon announced that the frequency of attacks against the US military in Iraq and Syria has risen in recent weeks by 45 percent.

There are concerns about US troops remaining in both countries, according to The American Conservative magazine, stressing that US forces risk their lives in vain, due to political paralysis and lack of political courage.

In an article titled “Our National Shame in Iraq and Syria,” the magazine stressed that these forces are present in Iraq and Syria as part of a “self-destructive combat operation.”

There is talk of the possibility of the withdrawal of US forces from the region in light of the popular rejection of their presence, and former President Donald Trump promised to withdraw troops from Syria and reduce them in Iraq before leaving power.

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