Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

In the past 24 hours, the United Arab Emirates has witnessed exceptional rainfall, the first in 75 years.

According to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), these precipitations are the most intense since climate data began to be recorded in 1949.

The UAE National Center of Meteorology confirmed that the record amounts of rain that fell on the country during the past 24 hours until nine o’clock in the evening on Tuesday are an exceptional event in the climatic history of the UAE since the beginning of recording climate data, noting that it is expected that the coming hours will witness the recording of greater amounts of rain.

The highest amount of rain was recorded in the “Khatm Al-Shakla” area in the city of Al Ain, reaching 254.8 mm in less than 24 hours, in addition to that, the stations of the National Center of Meteorology in the country recorded heavy amounts of rain in many areas.

These huge amounts of rainfall are a unique event that contributes to enhancing the country’s groundwater reserves in general and is both a challenge and an opportunity to better manage water resources in the future.

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