Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

United Nations officials announced on Sunday that the death toll from the landslide in Papua New Guinea had risen to 670 people, destroying hundreds of homes and displacing thousands in the mountainous region of the island.

According to a new toll from the collapse that occurred on Friday, the village of Kawkalam in Inga Province was completely destroyed, and more than 1,100 homes were destroyed, and at least 6 villages were severely affected, resulting in the displacement of residents and complicating ongoing relief efforts.

The head of the International Organization for Migration’s mission in Papua New Guinea, Sirhan Oktrak, said that two days after the collapses occurred, the extent of the destruction became clear. Many homes, including a primary school, small shops, and a guest house, were completely buried, in addition to a gas station that was under the rubble, and three bodies were recovered. From the wreckage, but it is feared that the final number of victims will be much higher.

Emergency and rescue teams face logistical challenges in reaching the affected areas, especially since helicopters are the only means of transportation at this time.

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