Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Several political parties are working to build a united front to support President Kais Saied’s path and maintain political stability in the country.

This track is known in the media as the July 25, 2021, process, which led to the dismissal of parliament and Saied’s initiation of a series of political reforms.

Parties participating in these efforts include the July 25 Path Party, the Tunisia Forward Movement, the Popular Current, the People’s Movement and the July 25 Movement.

These parties demand the need to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process and oppose any possible return of the Brotherhood Ennahda movement in the Tunisian political scene.

The Secretary-General of the Massar 25 July Party, Mahmoud bin Mabrouk, confirmed in a statement published by “Al Ain News” his party’s support for the candidacy of Kais Saied in the upcoming elections, pointing out that Saied is the only candidate for his party according to the Constitution of July 25, 2022, and pointed to the importance of continuing the path of reform, combating corruption and accountability.

For his part, Tunisian President Kais Saied stressed the need to address abuses at all stages of the electoral process, and pointed out that it is not acceptable to approve candidacies for people related to serious issues such as terrorism and stressed the need to combat the phenomenon of “political money” and its role in “poisoning” the electoral process.


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