Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The Prime Minister of the Libyan government, Osama Hamad, stressed the need to provide women with opportunities in all leadership positions, during his participation in a dialogue session in the city of Benghazi.

These statements came on the sidelines of the activities of the African-European Conference, in the presence of a number of prominent figures, including the Chairman of the Women and Children Committee in the House of Representatives, Intisar Shanib, the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, Intisar Abboud, and the Minister of State for Illegal Immigration Affairs, Fathi Al-Tabawi, in addition to representatives of organizations. International and African parliamentarians.

The session focused on the issue of feminization of migration and its intersections with the sustainable development goals and supporting cooperation with international bodies to develop a national strategy for sustainable development.

In the context of the irregular migration issue, the need to amend laws and legislation to protect the rights of migrant women and activate relevant international agreements was emphasized.

Regarding enhancing security and the rights of migrant women, Hamad called for strengthening the capabilities of the security services and providing health care for migrant women, especially elderly women with disabilities.

Hamad pointed out the importance of activating the role of women and empowering them in society in general and opening the way for them in leadership positions due to their high competence and tangible successes at various levels.

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