Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Brigitte Macron, France’s first lady, has gone to court to address accusations made by two blogs that she underwent sex reassignment surgery.

Brigitte Macron has taken legal steps against Natasha Rey, a right-wing freelance journalist, and Amandine Roy, who posted a video on YouTube in December 2021 alleging Brigitte Macron’s gender conversion.

Natasha Rey published an article in a far-right magazine after Macron won the presidency of France in 2017, stating that the first lady of France had changed sex.

A Norman court convicted Natasha Rey and Amandine Roy of defamation and fined them, after Brigitte Macron and her brother filed separate lawsuits against them.

The case is provoking mixed reactions in France, where some see Brigitte Macron as a symbol of a strong female, while others use the issue for ridicule, such as in a cartoon published in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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