Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The Information and Decision Support Center at the Egyptian Council of Ministers launched an important research project entitled “The most prominent strategic directions document for the Egyptian economy for the new presidential term (2024-2030)”.

The project aims to prioritize economic policies that will form a framework for the country’s economic development during the mentioned period.

The final document included eight strategic directions for the Egyptian economy, as it seeks to achieve strong, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth ranging between 6% and 8%.

These efforts focus on enhancing the contribution of exports and investments to output generation, as well as focusing on an employment-supporting growth pattern to create up to 8 million jobs in the same period.

Targeted policies include making the economy more stable, achieving price and financial stability, as well as creating sustainable public debt.

The foreign exchange enhancement program is expected to increase receipts to $300 billion by 2030.

The document also includes attracting foreign direct investment worth $100 billion and increasing the export growth rate by at least 20 percent annually.

It also aims to increase tourism and Suez Canal revenues with sustainable growth rates.

Reaffirming the government’s commitment to strengthening the private sector, the document aims to increase its contribution to employment from 60% to 90% by 2030.

The plan includes the establishment of specialized export zones and export industrial clusters, in addition to enhancing technical training for at least 500,000 trainees annually.

The document concludes by emphasizing the implementation of strategies that support leading economic sectors and strengthen the foundations of a competitive, sustainable knowledge-based economy that supports the transition to a green economy.

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