Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Egypt topped the Arab countries in the global classification of armies for the year 2024, according to what was revealed by the Global Fire Power Center, where it ranked fifth in the world.

According to data published by the center, the Egyptian army has a large manpower, with the number of active soldiers reaching about 450,000 soldiers, in addition to 480,000 soldiers in the reserve forces.

Regarding the air force, the Egyptian army possesses more than 1,050 various military aircraft, including 250 fighters, 88 attack aircraft, and 304 military helicopters, in addition to 341 training aircraft.

As for the naval forces, they consist of 316 naval vessels, including 8 submarines, 50 patrol ships, 13 frigates, and 7 corvettes.

On the ground level, the Egyptian army has more than 4,500 tanks and 11,000 armored vehicles, in addition to 1,165 self-propelled artillery and more than 2,200 field artillery.

Global Fire Power evaluates the world’s militaries based on several criteria, including manpower and military equipment on land, sea and air.

In light of the war taking place in the Gaza Strip and the arrival of Israeli bombing on the border city of Rafah between Egypt and the Palestinian territories, there is much research on the capabilities of the Egyptian army.

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