Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Twelve people have been killed in two separate accidents inside two coal mines in China in the past 24 hours.

Chinese television announced on Tuesday that 5 people were killed in the collapse of an underground coal warehouse owned by Taoyuan Qinlong Co., Ltd. operating in Zhongyang Province of Shanxi Province that collapsed just before midnight on Monday.

The collapse of the coal depot coincided with another accident caused by a gas explosion at a coal mine belonging to Waihi Energy in eastern China’s Anhui province, killing 7 people.

The collapse at the coal depot is the latest in a series of accidents facing the industry after the government’s recent review of mining safety legislation, issuing a notice last month asking mines to curb overproduction to prevent accidents.

Safety standards at China’s mines have improved in recent decades, but accidents have continued, albeit at a slower pace, with an accident last December at a coal mine in Heilongjiang, northeast China, killing 12 people.

At least 16 people died last September in a fire at another coal mine in the southwestern province of Guizhou, and the collapse of an open-air coal mine in February 2023 in Inner Mongolia (northern China) killed 53 people, and buried dozens of people and vehicles under the rubble.

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