Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Sadiq Ali said that Sudanese authorities have agreed to hold indirect negotiations with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), mediated by Libya and Turkey.

The minister stressed in press statements on Tuesday on the sidelines of the diplomatic forum in Antalya: “We remain committed to the need to find a peaceful solution through negotiations, but at the same time we emphasize that any solution must be based on (the Jeddah platform), and we will implement it and then we can move forward.”

The minister added: “We are convinced of the need to conduct negotiations, which we agreed to immediately through the Libyan initiative, and indirect negotiations are expected through the mediation of Libya and Turkey.”

The minister explained: “The agreement, which was reached in May 2023, through the (Jeddah platform), includes the withdrawal of the Rapid Support Forces from civilian homes and government institutions, and the evacuation of the capital, Khartoum, of all armed elements, but the Rapid Support Forces did not abide by the terms of this agreement.”

Sudanese army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and RSF commander Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemedti) visited the Libyan capital Tripoli last week at the invitation of the Libyan Government of National Unity to discuss the possibility of stopping the war that has been going on for more than 10 months.

The Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces have been fighting a devastating war since mid-April 2023, leaving more than 13,000 dead, and about 8 million displaced and refugees, according to United Nations estimates.

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