Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Indictment Chamber of Derna Court begins trial of 16 officials behind the catastrophic flooding following Hurricane Daniel that struck Derna and Green Mountain “Jebel Akdar” in last September causing an unprecedented humane disaster in Libya.

List of defendants includes Head of the Derna City Reconstruction Fund and a member of its Finance Committee, according to a statement issued by the Attorney General’s Office.

A security official stated that more than 14 defendants were brought before the indictment chamber of the Derna Court, in reference to the Benghazi’s Reconstruction and Stabilization Committee and former Derna, which was formed by the House of Representatives, headed by Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Ali al-Hibri

The Public Prosecution launched investigations into the Derna disaster immediately after it occurred, and on September 26, the Public Prosecutor announced the filing of criminal proceedings against 16 officials as part of investigations conducted in this regard.

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