Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Somali army units carried out a planned military operation in several areas between the towns of Gendarshi and Lower Shabelle.

The Somali army said the main objective of the military operation was to destroy terrorist militia courts and other bases where militia remnants were holed up from airstrikes carried out by the army in cooperation with international partners.

The Somali army has intensified its military operations aimed at eliminating terrorists, while militias are holed up among civilians to flee.

On the other hand, the UN Security Council postponed a consultative meeting on the situation in Somalia until next Monday (February 19) instead of next Friday (February 16), and the postponement of the meeting came at the request of the African Group in the Security Council, which includes Algeria, Mozambique, Sierra Leone in addition to the Republic of Guyana.

Sources in the Security Council said that the approval of the postponement was made pending taking into account the outcome of the African Union summit scheduled for 17 and 18 of this month related to the situation in Somalia.

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