Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Director of the Economic Cooperation Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Bereshevsky, said on Wednesday that the decree regarding the transfer of foreign assets to a temporary Russian administration only affected about 10 companies.

Bereshevsky stressed that the measures taken pursuant to the presidential decree affected a limited number of foreign companies operating in the Russian market, noting that this number remains small compared to the number of other foreign companies that continue to operate in Russia.

He added that Moscow seeks to maintain a constructive dialogue with foreign companies that continue to operate in Russia, regardless of the country to which these companies belong.

He pointed out that the companies that left Russia did so under unprecedented pressure from the governments of their countries, but the vast majority of foreign companies are interested in staying and developing their businesses in the long term in Russia.

Bereshevsky concluded his statements by emphasizing that the business community shows responsibility and objectivity in evaluating the ongoing operations, expressing his hope for continued constructive cooperation between Russia and foreign companies in the country.

It is noteworthy that on April 25, the Russian President signed a decree imposing temporary administration on a group of foreign assets in Russia, as a response to the confiscation of Russian assets in Europe.

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