Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Start of the trial for 16 officials following catastrophic Hurricane Daniel’s floods

Indictment Chamber of Derna Court begins trial of 16 officials behind the catastrophic flooding following Hurricane Daniel that struck Derna and Green Mountain “Jebel Akdar” in last September causing an unprecedented humane disaster in Libya.
2023, Dec 29, 1:55 pm

Finland to Pay Asylum Seekers Up to $5,000 in Aid for Voluntary Return.. On what terms?

أThe Finnish Ministry of Interior said Thursday that it would pay asylum seekers up to 5,300 euros in assistance for their voluntary return to their homeland within 30 days.
2023, Dec 29, 1:04 pm

Al Ahly wins Egyptian Super No. 14

Al Ahly was crowned champions of the Egyptian Super Football for the fourteenth time in its history, beating Future Club 4-2, in the final, at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, which hosts the Egyptian Super for the seventh time.
2023, Dec 29, 12:23 pm

Sudan… Calls to arm civilians grow as war spreads

Calls for arming civilians in Sudan have mounted as the RSF advances southward, and the specter of civil war looms in the country after eight months of bloody power struggle between the RSF and Sudan’s military.
2023, Dec 29, 12:23 pm

The reveal of the Moroccan squad for 2024 Africa Cup of Nations

Morocco’s national team coach, Walid Regragui, revealed the list of the “Atlas Lions” in preparation for the participation in the Africa Cup of Nations scheduled to be held in Ivory Coast at the beginning of the coming year.
2023, Dec 29, 11:56 am

The Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas welcomes the positions rejecting the contracting of the National Oil Corporation with “Eni,” “Total,” and “Adnoc”

The Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas confirmed that it welcomes the position of the sovereign and official authorities in the Libyan state for rejecting the intention of the National Oil Corporation to contract with a consortium of companies “Eni” Italy, “ADNOC” UAE and “Total” France.
2023, Dec 29, 11:43 am

the United Nations Security Council held a meeting to discuss the situation in Palestine.

On Friday, December 29, the UN Security Council will hold a meeting on Gaza, under the item entitled “The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question”.
2023, Dec 29, 11:27 am

Libya… 199 illegal migrants rescued

The General Directorate of Coastal Security in Libya announced the rescue of 199 illegal migrants who were on board a rickety boat inside Libyan territorial waters.
2023, Dec 29, 11:19 am

Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq have reached an agreement on a commercial project aimed at connecting trade through the ports of Nuweiba in Egypt and Aqaba in Jordan

Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq have agreed to launch the first phase of the Arab trade route in Asia and Africa, connecting them to Europe through the Egyptian port of Nuweiba and the Jordanian port of Aqaba, this comes considering the challenges facing global maritime transport.
2023, Dec 29, 10:35 am

Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas supports adversaries of deal with “Eni”, “Total” and “ADNOC”

Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas welcomes the position of sovereign and official authorities in Libya on rejecting National Oil Corporation’s intention to sign deals with Italy’s Eni , UAE’s ADNOC and France’s Total .
2023, Dec 29, 10:29 am

Iran executes four people accused of spying for Mossad

Iran today executed four people, whom it accused of being “saboteurs” with links to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service.
2023, Dec 29, 9:58 am

Israel imposes new toll on crossings to Egypt and Jordan

Israel announced an increase in the prices of transit fees through the five land crossings linking it with neighboring countries, especially the Eilat crossing on the Egyptian border.
2023, Dec 29, 9:30 am

A Libyan politician stated, “The departure of the UN envoy is better than wasting time for the Libyans”

Member of the House of Representatives Tariq al-Ashtar confirmed that “the UN envoy Abdullah Batili failed to find a solution to the Libyan crisis,” demanding his departure quickly so as not to waste time on the Libyans.
2023, Dec 29, 9:10 am

Libyan leaders face international pressure to accept five-party dialogue without restrictions

Libyan sources said that US and European officials recently held intensive diplomatic contacts with the five key Libyan leaders in order to accept the five-way dialogue called for by the UN mission “without any restrictions or conditions.”
2023, Dec 29, 9:07 am

Israeli airstrike targets suburbs of Damascus

The Syrian Ministry of Defense confirmed that its air defenses intercepted Israeli attacks on Thursday night and Friday dawn in the southern region and around the capital, Damascus. The ministry stated that the damage was limited to material losses.
2023, Dec 29, 7:47 am

The arrest of an individual who attempted to kidnap a girl in the Libyan capital, Tripoli

The Dahmani Police Center received a report on Thursday, December 28, from a citizen regarding an attempted abduction of his 13-year-old daughter in the capital, Tripoli.
2023, Dec 28, 3:56 pm

The Qatar Charity Foundation provides financial support to 7,750 displaced individuals affected by Hurricane ‘Daniel’

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) stated that the Qatar Charity Foundation will provide financial support to 7,750 displaced individuals in Libya who were affected by Hurricane “Daniel,” which struck eastern Libya in September last year.
2023, Dec 28, 3:44 pm

Tunisian President affirms the constants of national decision-making independence and intensifies support for Palestine

Tunisian President Kais Saied emphasized on Wednesday, December 27, the constants of Tunisian foreign policy and the independence of national decision-making, calling for intensifying international diplomatic efforts to stand by the Palestinian people.
2023, Dec 28, 3:36 pm

The delegation from Niger visits Libya to discuss the migration file and border security

A high-level delegation from Niger arrived in the Libyan city of Benghazi on Wednesday to discuss important issues, most notably the problem of illegal migration and securing the common border.
2023, Dec 28, 3:15 pm

The Russian Foreign Ministry: We evacuated along with our citizens from Gaza many citizens of foreign countries

Yuri Gorlach, the Director of the Crisis Center at the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated that the Russian Ministry of Emergencies evacuated from the Gaza Strip, in addition to Russian citizens, many citizens of foreign countries.
2023, Dec 28, 3:06 pm