Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

A member of Libya’s High Council of State, Saad bin Sharada, launched a sharp attack on the UN envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batelli.

Ben Charada said in a press statement: “There is nothing new in the statements of the UN envoy Abdullah Batele, and in every briefing, he gives to the Security Council to prove his contradiction.”

“Battele’s description of the Libyan Government of National Unity in the west and the government mandated by the Libyan House of Representatives in the east as illegitimate is correct,” Ben Sharada said.

Bin Sharada continued: “Dabaiba’s government has no local legitimacy, it has international legitimacy, and Hammad’s government has local legitimacy, and it has no international legitimacy.”

“Batelli’s statements are vague and biased towards a particular party in the power struggle in Libya, and they are the same and the Libyans should expel him,” Ben Charrada concluded.

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