Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The US State Department announced on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia will host new negotiations within the next three weeks to resolve the conflict between Sudan’s warring parties.

In a move that reflects international cooperation, a spokesman for the US State Department explained that the announcement of the resumption of these negotiations was made in Paris on the sidelines of an international conference that raised two billion dollars for Sudan, which is witnessing continuous fighting between the leaders of the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces.

Representatives from Egypt, the UAE and “IGAD” are co-facilitating the negotiations, reiterating their commitment to support efforts to achieve peace in Sudan.

Commenting on the move, US special envoy to Sudan Tom Perriello praised Saudi Arabia’s decision, stressing that “the war on the Sudanese people must end now.”

For its part, Egypt proposed during its participation in the Paris International Conference on Supporting Sudan and neighboring countries, humanitarian initiatives to deal with the crisis, and mitigate its repercussions on the Sudanese people, such as the establishment of relief warehouses close to the border with Sudan, to intervene in the event of crises, and sending medical teams to work in Sudanese hospitals and supplying them with medical devices and medicines, and other mobile medical teams in the country.

These efforts come after the Jeddah Peace Initiative in 2023, sponsored by Saudi Arabia and the United States, failed to reach an agreement that would end the ongoing conflict in Sudan, which has left thousands dead, millions displaced and refugees, as well as massive destruction of the country’s infrastructure.

Since the conflict erupted in April 2023, the warring parties have not reached an agreement that achieves sustainable peace, prompting key states and mediators to resume negotiations with the aim of stopping this devastating conflict.


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