Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

On Sunday, the organization “Doctors Without Borders” reported that more than 80 migrants were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya, while two others lost their lives and three are missing.

The organization’s ship, “Geo Barents,” retrieved over 60 individuals from a rubber boat in international waters off Libya, and also recovered a body, while one migrant died on board after being rescued.

The organization stated that they rescued another 19 individuals who were on an abandoned offshore oil platform off the coast of Tunisia.

The migrants reported that they had swum there after water began leaking into the boat that was carrying themThe organization added that three of the migrants who clung to the boat are now missing.

The organization clarified that all the survivors are currently recovering and receiving care aboard the “Geo Barents,” expressing their request to allow them to move to the nearest safe location.

The maritime crossing points in the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to Italy and Malta are among the most perilous routes for irregular migration in the world. Data from the International Organization for Migration indicates that approximately 2500 migrants lost their lives in the past year, 2023, or went missing on these routes.

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