Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Vice President of the Presidential Council Moussa Al-Koni stressed work to unify state institutions, to reach Libya to the electoral entitlement, noting Germany’s active role in the previous tracks, when he received the German Ambassador to Libya Michael Unmacht.

The German ambassador praised the efforts of the Presidential Council to achieve stability during the discussion of the latest developments in Libya, ways to end the transitional stages, and work with the UN envoy to achieve consensus between the parties involved in the political process, according to a statement by the Presidential Council. For his part, Al-Koni praised the efforts of countries interested in the Libyan issue to achieve stability, stressing the need to unify efforts to develop a road map in cooperation with countries interested in the Libyan file in order to ensure stability.

According to the statement, the meeting touched on the situation in the southern regions, which suffer from a lack of capabilities, and are witnessing displacement to the northern regions, and waves of illegal immigrants.

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