Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The Libyan Antiquities Authority and the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio, USA, announced a preliminary agreement to transfer a statue of a Ptolemaic man to Libya.

The museum explained in a statement that it obtained the statue in 1991, which is made of black basalt, noting that the Antiquities Authority provided it with information indicating Libyan ownership of the statue, which he acknowledged.

The statement noted that the Antiquities Authority loaned the statue to the museum “for an unspecified period of time.”

The head of the Libyan Antiquities Authority, Muhammad Faraj Muhammad, said: “We appreciate the willingness of the Cleveland Museum of Art to work with the authority to complete the transfer of this important work of art, and we look forward to continuing cooperation with the museum.”

For his part, the museum director, William Griswold, expressed his happiness at the cooperation and open dialogue with his colleagues in Libya, indicating his aspiration to enhance the cultural exchange represented by this agreement.

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