Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Libyan Prime Minister Osama Hammad, accompanied by the Executive Director of the Derna Reconstruction Fund, Balgassem Haftar, and the Chairman of the Reconstruction and Stability Committee, Hatem Al-Oraibi, inspected on Tuesday a number of sites targeted for maintenance and development in Derna.

The tour included a visit to several places, including the city’s Corniche, where maintenance work has begun, the city’s western entrance, the places of collapsed dams, the water stream, and the Sahaba Mosque to follow up on its maintenance and development, as well as addressing some of the soil depressions and destroyed roads removed by the torrent.

This comes in preparation for the start of construction work in a manner commensurate with the geography of the place. In September 2023, a devastating flood hit Derna, causing massive destruction in the city center adjacent to the valley.

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