Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The Libyan government, led by Osama Hamad, appointed by the parliament, has called on the mayors of municipalities affected by the destructive floods that swept through the Green Mountain regions in September last year to prepare detailed lists and plans for new projects for the year 2024.

The government’s invitation came during a meeting held by the Minister of Local Governance, Sami Al-Dawi, with the mayors of seventeen municipalities affected by the floods. The meeting aimed to follow up on their performance and action plans for the coming year. The meeting was attended by the General Deputy of the Ministry of Local Governance, Abubakr Al-Zawy, and the head of the Municipal Guard apparatus, Brigadier Tawfiq Al-Masmari.

Mayors from the municipalities of Shahhat, Al-Bayda, Sousse, Al-Marj, Wardamah, Umar Al-Mukhtar, Jardas Al-Obeid, Al-Abyar, Tokra, Mador Al-Zaytoun, Al-Abyar, Al-Mukhaili, Al-Qiqab, Tobruk, Al-Mleitania, Al-Sahel, and Amsaad participated in the meeting, which took place in Benghazi.

During the meeting, the results of the damage assessment and compensation due to the floods were discussed, as well as the projects and initiatives implemented in the aftermath of the storm ‘Daniel.’

The Minister of Local Governance, during the meeting, urged the mayors of the municipalities to prepare detailed lists and plans outlining the municipalities’ action plans for the year 2024. This includes new projects aimed at resolving bottlenecks and providing essential services to citizens, such as water and sanitation projects, roads, maintenance of public facilities, sanitation services, and their referral to the Ministry of Local Governance.

These directives are part of the instructions issued by Prime Minister Osama Hamad to meet the needs of municipalities and address the problems and obstacles hindering the reconstruction efforts in all areas affected by floods.


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