Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Nigeria’s Bing newspaper published a report on the National Authority for Combating Human Trafficking asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify the numbers of women smuggled into Iraq.

According to the report, the commission has issued warnings since last year about the plight of young Nigerian women working as maids in Iraq.

The newspaper quoted Fatima Waziri, director of the authority, that investigations are underway with a number of those responsible for bringing workers illegally, as there are doubts about their role in recruiting Nigerian women to work in domestic service in Iraq.

Zacks Daouda, a spokesman for the authority, said that cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs resulted in the signing of agreements related to combating human trafficking.

He stressed that the crimes committed were transnational organized crimes, indicating cooperation between foreign and domestic criminals.

In Nigeria, a meeting called the “Embassy Liaison Meeting” is held, where embassies, high commissioners and international partners are invited to identify areas of cooperation and assistance in combating these crimes.

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