Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The Commander of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, praised Zintan’s patriotic positions, stressing the importance of consultation between the components of Libyan society in order to achieve lasting stability.

These statements came during a meeting held by the Commander of the Libyan Armed Forces with a delegation of sheikhs, notables and intellectuals from the city of Zintan at the headquarters of the “General Command” in the Rajma area.

The delegation expressed their pride and appreciation for Field Marshal Haftar and his positions towards Libya’s unity and stability, praising the main role of the “General Command” forces in establishing security and stability.

In a related context, the Zintan delegation praised the urban renaissance and reconstruction projects in Libya, noting the important directives provided by Field Marshal Haftar in this regard, and they expressed their hope that reconstruction projects would begin in the cities of Zintan and the Western Mountain soon.

A night inspection tour by Libyan Prime Minister Osama Hamad on Benghazi reconstruction projects (photos)

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