Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Egypt’s Election Authority Introduces Braille Voting Cards for Visually Impaired”

In a significant move to facilitate inclusive voting, the National Election Authority of Egypt, led by Counselor Hazem Badawy, the Deputy Chief of the Court of Cassation, has issued new directives to ease the voting process for all citizens. Voters can now cast their ballots using their national ID card, even if it has expired, or a valid passport that includes the national ID number. In a groundbreaking initiative, the Authority has also introduced Braille voting cards, designed to assist visually impaired voters, ensuring their right to participate in the democratic process is upheld.

The National Election Authority recently announced the completion of the overseas voting phase for the 2024 Presidential Elections. This phase, conducted as per the electoral timetable, took place on December 1, 2, and 3 at various Egyptian diplomatic missions worldwide, including embassies and consulates.

The counting of votes from overseas Egyptians has concluded, with the tallying of valid and invalid votes, and the determination of each candidate’s vote count among the four contenders. These results are recorded in dedicated protocols and sealed in envelopes, along with all electoral documents, to be sent to the National Election Authority via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process is crucial for integrating the overseas vote count with the domestic votes to announce the official final results.

This development is a testament to Egypt’s commitment to ensuring an accessible and fair electoral process, particularly for visually impaired citizens, enhancing the democratic fabric of the nation. The introduction of Braille voting cards is a significant step towards inclusivity, ensuring that all segments of society can exercise their right to vote.

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