Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Mexico has recorded 48 deaths from a severe heat wave amid expectations of record temperatures in the coming days, coinciding with a strong storm of hail that swept through the country’s largest city.

The Mexican Ministry of Health said that 48 deaths were recorded at the national level linked to the heat wave that began in mid-March, and 956 people suffered from various health problems, according to updated data until May 21.

“The current heat wave in Mexico is a serious reminder of the dangers of climate change to animals and plants, and experts are calling for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent further deadly heatwaves in the future.

The northeastern Mexican state of San Luis Potosí reported the death of 24 residents from the heatwave that lasted from Thursday to Saturday, according to media reports.

The temperature recorded in the province of “Hostica” exceeded the fifty degrees Celsius barrier in recent days, according to the director general of the state health services, Yumuri Vaca Avila.

In 2023, a record 419 deaths from an 8-month heat wave were recorded in the country of 129 million people.

Mexico’s National Water Commission, Conagua, declared a few days ago a state of emergency and preparedness for the approach of a severe heat wave, known as Nicola, which will be the largest heat wave in the country’s history, at a time when Mexico is supposed to be witnessing the hurricane season, according to the Mexican newspaper La Expanción.


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