Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Chad’s new Prime Minister, Alamai Haleina, announced the formation of a new government, ending three years of military rule.

Halina retained prominent ministers from the previous government, most of whom were allies of President Mohamed Idriss Deby, according to a ministerial decree broadcast on state television.

The former ambassador to China, Alamai Halina, was appointed prime minister last Thursday, just before the leader of the military junta, Mohamed Idriss Deby, was sworn in as president of the country after winning the elections.

Before taking the oath, Deby announced a “return to constitutional order” and pledged to be “a president for Chadians of all backgrounds.”

The new government consists of 35 ministers, including 23 ministers who held ministerial portfolios in the previous government.

Succès Masra, Halina’s predecessor, resigned last Wednesday from his position after his defeat in the presidential elections, as he headed the Chadian government for only 4 months.

All ministers belonging to the Masra party were excluded from the new government.

President Deby won 61% of the votes in the elections that took place on May 6, which international non-governmental organizations considered to be neither free nor fair, and his main competitor described as a “farce.”

It is noteworthy that Deby was appointed interim president in April 2021 by a military council consisting of 15 generals after his father, President Idriss Deby, was shot dead by rebels after spending 30 years in power.

The interim President of Chad launches his campaign for the presidential elections to end military rule

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